The Value and Necessity of Salvation.

I am standing on a cliff top looking out at a vast and beautiful scene. A scene with patches of colour, a village, roads – human activity all bustling along.

“Come fly with Me”. Jesus lifts me up and I am floating up, up, up into the heavenly realms. “Come with Me into the presence of the Father – you have been set free – totally free from the guilt and power of sin – you have been set free! So, this morning just enjoy Me as I envelop you, enjoy the freedom I have won for you on the cross and appreciate Me. I am most glorified when you are most satisfied with Me. Just be satisfied, allow your mind to drink that in so that it is a reality that flows over you.”

I have been sharing my blog with you twice a week for the last 20 months. It has come to me that, putting out my blog so often is maybe overwhelming you and discouraging you from getting to grips with the scriptures that I have been reading. So I have decided to only publish a blog once a week from now on. I will do it on a Wednesday in future. Please continue to join in and share if you feel you would like to.

Just a few words on Isaiah 59 for today. The writer continues to emphasize the need for salvation, against the backdrop of Israel’s sin. 58:1. There is plenty of food for thought but two things struck me. The reminder in vs 2 of the fact that sin alienates one from God, building a barrier, as it were. Causing Him to hide His face and warning that He will not listen. This is a serious thought and one to meditate on.

That is one important reason why the work of the Redeemer (vs 20) is so important. Because we all sin and if that were to remain as a barrier between us we would not be able to communicate with God.

The second thing that stood out was God’s disappointment at the fact that within the community of Israel, “There was no one interceding”. How are we doing as individuals, but especially as a community in this area? Are we sufficiently concerned for all those who need our prayers? The many out there that are still lost?

So the passage wraps up again as to the seriousness of God’s judgement vs 18, 19 and the great need for a Redeemer vs 20. Notice the second part of vs 20 though. The work of the Redeemer is tied to repentance.

Then finally in vs 21 we see the repeated promise that God’s word is entirely dependable and permanent.

So for me today I ask myself, “How is my intercession? Am I still in awe at the value of the work of Jesus? Do I continue to recognize how important it is for the lost so that I will continue to pray for them?”

See you next Wednesday.

3 Replies to “The Value and Necessity of Salvation.”

  1. Pride is the root of sin. Therefore my prayer is that the Holy Spirit within me may take away from my heart every kind and degree of pride. Paul.had a deep consciousness that he was a sinner saved by grace. (1Cor. 15 9 10 ) For my life this has the deepest meaning throughout eternity. We are sinners saved by grace alone. Never for a moment can a child of our Holy Father live in the unfathomable love and grace of our Holy Lord without the understanding of the heart that this grace and redeeming love saved him or her. Paul was also absolutely sure of the promise of his salvation in Christ. “This favor was given to me the very least of His kedoshim to proclaim to the gentiles the endless riches of the Messiah ” Ephesians 3 8 The indwelling of Christ is the life of our souls. All.glory.and power be to our Holy Lord forever and ever! Amen

  2. I read the chapter carefully. I was also comforted that God made a covenant that His Spirit will be living in our hearts. Jesus our Redeemer and King lives in me and He knows our inner thoughts. He is aware each time we talk about Him. And our prayers about those around us that still not know Jesus, and about those who suffer ill health and frailty

  3. They trust in confusion and speak lies ! They conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity. They hatch adders ‘ eggs and weave the spider’s web .whoever eats their eggs dies ! Crack one open a viper breaks out ! Isaiah 59 5 6 … ……
    .BEWARE of the spider,’ s web !! I believe in our modern world of false religions, false intellectual teachings , false arrogant intellectual teachers , hypocrites like the Pharisees this is the most brilliant and necessary warning. All Glory and power be to our Holy Lord forever and ever! Amen

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