Psalm 23, Still New.

My thoughts are wrapped around the idea, “I need to humble myself before the Lord”.

Christ, the glorious Christ, is the tipping point in history – everything that went before Him was looking forward to His coming in His humanity, to make the ultimate sacrifice of Himself – yet in that moment – that weekend He has never been more glorious – and everything that has happened since then is a reflection forward of that moment in time and in history. “Yes and you are right, you must humble yourself before Me – but not maybe as you think – you need to recognize that everything you are and have are from Me, it is only when you are truly humble that you can recognize this, recognize the huge, huge gift I am giving you ‘in Christ’ – the robe of righteousness. Now listen – this doesn’t reduce your intrinsic value, you have inestimable value – because I created you and died for you – but your value, as high as it is – is no more than the value of every child of mine. You all look different and have different gifts and personalities – but don’t estimate anybody’s value on that – rather regard all others as better than you – then you will be a useable servant for Me. – Come here and let Me give you a big hug.”

My reading today is Psalm 23. How do I read this Psalm which I know and love so well, that I still hear the Lord speaking to me from it afresh today?

Reflecting on it – this Psalm goes from intimate conversation about God and His relationship with David to addressing God personally (V 4b). It reflects implicit trust, through the most difficult times – looking forward to a banquet – the ultimate expression of fellowship – once again based on God’s covenant love ‘chesed’, (v 6 ).

There is a sense of peaceful serenity, of personal attention from God – anointed with oil. Now, can this Psalm have been written by the same person who wrote Psalm 22? Seeing himself there as God forsaken, torn apart reviled by friend and foe.

# It is only in understanding the deeper meaning of Psalm 22 that Psalm 23 actually becomes real to each one of us. Christ has personified Psalm 22 in Himself. He has taken all that Psalm 22 represents upon Himself so that we can experience the intimacy, the beauty, the nearness and protection of being ‘in Him’. Now remember we still have this dark valley, but we have this beautiful promise that He will be there guiding us and protecting us – walking with us right to the blazing light which shines at the end of the valley.

There is always a fresh word from the Lord even from the passages which we know by heart, if we will listen to Jesus.

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  1. Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow and of death i will.fear no evil.for You are with me Psalm 23. We overcome evil by the Word of the Lord. trying to destroy our joy and peace of faith. We have a highly powerful weapon, the sword of the Spirit, the Word of the Lord. ” Above all take up.the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one . And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.,” Ephesians 6 17 If we don’t wear this sword constantly, if the Word of the Lord is not living within us we are unprotected against evil. ” My Word has to abide within you ” John 15 7

  2. from Ps 22 to 23: still waters where He leads me, the waters of Life, which makes me satisfied from thirst for Living water. And he leads me in the dark days of sicksness or death, I will fear no evil for Satan has been conquered through our faith and love for Jesus, our King and Priest. I thank Him daily, for our ransom.

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