The Glory of the Lord.

The cross is emblazoned across the sky. It remains the central symbol of the most important event in history – it is through the cross that you can say, “Worthy is the lamb”, today because that act on the cross has declared my worth! It made the splitting of the sea for my people, as I rescued them from slavery to the Egyptians – a symbol of what I do for each person who trusts in me. Taking them supernaturally out of slavery into the Promised Land. But in the meantime you are still a pilgrim going through the wilderness. Yet just as I went with my people as a Cloud by day and a Pillar of Fire at night, I have given you my Spirit who not only goes with you guiding and protecting you, but indwells you to enable you to trust and follow Me – and the destination is not an earthly Promised Land, but the heavenly Beulah land. Embrace that message so that you can fully experience the freedom I have won for you.

The theme of Isaiah ch 60 is the “glory of the Lord” as is revealed in many places in the Bible. We see it climax in Revelation, 4:11.The revelation of the glory of the Lord appears as an interlude after the promise of the coming Messiah 59:21 which brackets this chapter with ch 61:1 ff, which is going to show more clearly what the Messiah is going to accomplish.

The phrase and concept of His glory is repeated several times in ch 60. See if you can spot it. (vs 1,2,3,9b,19,21). Picture the pageant which is presented up to vs 7, all coming to celebrate and declare God’s worth. Then it moves to Jerusalem. A Jerusalem which is now open. Open to foreigners as well. And notice too that as part of the revelation of God’s glory there is always the theme of salvation (16,18).

Now, having battled for some time to see the relevance of this chapter in the bigger picture of the book it came to me. Against the backdrop of Israel’s disobedience as depicted in the previous chapters, and God’s movement to rescue them there an important purpose of God is revealed. Indeed that purpose covers everything that is described in God’s story. It is the purpose of revealing His glory.

His glory is mainly revealed in two ways. It is revealed over and over again in His creation power and beauty. Secondly it is revealed in the great act of salvation which was accomplished through the death on the cross of the Messiah and is still being accomplished as He gathers a people to be His ultimate Bride.

What a wonderful thought. I can continually celebrate and enjoy God’s glory, giving Him praise as it looks forward to what I am going to spend my time doing throughout eternity.

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  1. It is impossible to describe the Glory of our Holy Lord in words His unfailing, unfathomable love and grace His beauty and majesty, His absolute sovereignty. But the most amazing truth is, that, though our mortal.bodies are subject to decay and death, our inner being is being transformed to the image and glory of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit living within us . ” be.renewed in the spirit of your mind and put on the new self , created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness ” Ephesians 4 23 24 This is a lifelong process, lasting into eternity by perseverance and faith in Christ alone. The only way is to fix our eyes on our Holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ” so we fix our eyes on not on what is seen , but on what is unseen ” 2 Corinthians 4 18 All.Glory and power be to.our Holy Lord forever and ever ! Amen

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