“Speak to me Lord please”. I see in my mind’s eye a jug. A jug? I try and put it out of my mind, this can’t be from the Lord. But nothing else comes except the jug. So I listen to Jesus “Yes – look at this jug – I fill it with pure water at the beginning of the week to wash you – wash you with water and the Word – then I fill it with wine – the wine of the Holy Spirit which signifies the power I am giving you to go through this week, to do all the things you perceive are stacked up ahead of you – It may seem like there is a rocky crag there ahead of you (in my mind’s eye I had seen a steep and difficult rocky cliff in my way), but there is a path and I am going to take you by the hand and lead you along the narrow path which may seem at times to lead nowhere.”

Luke 22:1-23 I notice this section is bracketed by Judas’ betrayal, vv,3,4;21 (complementing the antagonism of the religious establishment). Central in the story is also Jesus’ repeated statement of fulfilment vv 16,18. As usual Luke is using stark contrast to highlight his teaching. So the plans of the chief priests and teachers of the law and Judas, including the entering into Judas by Satan are all part of God’s fulfilment in establishment of His kingdom. Mmmm – so often we look at catastrophes which seem to be derailing all the carefully laid plans of the Christian establishment and even our own path. We look at Covid and maybe feel God is running around trying to mop up the damage. Yet everything, yes everything is in His control and part of His plan.

I have been reminded in an earlier reading, for instance, concerning Covid that this pandemic and likewise other huge pestilences during history are a pointer to the reality of the return of Jesus, (cf Luke 21:11.)

The other reminder I found was in the words of Jesus in vs 19b: Do this in remembrance of me. You see as we look at the whole passage we see how carefully God has planned this event from the time of the Exodus. There, after the escape from Egypt a strong emphasis is laid on reminder, lasting ordinance, commemorating etc (Exod 12-14), so that the Israelites would keep this festival annually as a reminder of their release from captivity in Egypt. But it was also a preparation then already looking forward over time, to the great Exodus which was to come through the Lamb of God which would be slain. The communion meal is still to this day a sign of how easily we forget this central point of our Christian faith. Not mentally forget, but somehow lose the intense reality of what happened at that time. That reality which changed everything for all time.

For me? The renewed assurance of being part of God’s plan and the promise of His guidance on the way. It was a small confirmation of God’s promise of guidance to me when I read of the disciples having to find a man carrying a jar (jug) of water who would lead them to the upper room. (vs10), and it just gave me a warm smile.

Then, forgetting really lies at the basis of our uncertainties and fears. We “know” but we don’t allow the knowledge to be part of our DNA. But God knows this so He instituted the communion meal.

Pleasant remembering then.

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  1. But you go your way till the end , you will rest and then at the end of days you will arise to receive your portion Daniel 12 – 13. As Ian points out, the signs (Covid 19 and others). point to the return of Christ to earth Let us remind ourselves that our focus has to be on our Holy Lord, on His truth ,Our hearts should be rooted in eternity. We should remember, when we have given our hearts to God and trusted Christ , we will rise and receive our inheritance in heaven All power and glory be to our Holy Lord forever. Amen

    1. “Do this in remembrance of me”….. Amen! We are looking forward to this “Communion Fest” with like-minded on Sunday. We will be thinking of you, Ian and hoping for an emailed pdf of your sermon. We are also assured of God’s plan for us. Thank you for this precious blog.

  2. We continually remember how God in detail leave us in His inspired Word with jewels. The deciples would recognise the man with the jugs as the place being prepared for the last meal and communion set in place. We await the return of Jesus where we will spend eternity in communion with Him, Our blessed Redeemer.

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