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After much struggle our blog site crashed. This is a Christian blog site and I trust that the Lord will facilitate it to the benefit of the all of us so that we may join in the fun of becoming part of it. Just a reminder of the purpose of our site. It is not a daily devotion nor a commentary. My aim is to encourage us to read God’s word in such a way that we hear the Author speaking to our heart’s personally and contemporarily. It would be fun to hear if any of you are having fresh insights, but don’t feel pressured.

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  1. It’s with gratitude and some excitement that I am ‘blogging’!! Ps 146: vs 9 was such a comfort when I was a widow and still had a teenage daughter who no longer had an earthly father. The Lord sustained us then and He reminds me every time I meditate on the Psalm that He ‘lifts up those who are bowed down’. Since then the ‘young daughter’ has children of her own who are being taught to ‘listen to Jesus’. Psalm 148 …. Praising God generates it’s own joy…. v3 “Praise him sun and moon, praise him, all you shining stars”. What a blessing to see His planets Jupiter and Saturn this week just a bit lower than the moon….and the Morning star that reminds us that Jesus is the Morning Star!

  2. August 5 – One can keep returning to the Psalms on a daily basis! David Rhategan once said: Read four Psalms a day…. obviously not Ps 139 plus 3 more! That made me hastening to read Ps 139… as I do now whist continuing with Ps 148
    more later

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