Yahweh, the only Living God.

“You’ve been washed by the blood of the lamb. I have been meditating on the ‘mystery’ of Jesus’ blood.

“Everyone has a veil over them, that prevents them from seeing and hearing and understanding Me and who I am. My blood is the only thing that can wash that veil away – My blood is the symbol of My death. It is the key to My life and death. It was also necessary to verify a Covenant with blood. My blood verified the New Covenant. Now I have washed away the veil from you and you can see Me and meet with Me. Yet there are still vestiges of sin which need to be washed away by water and the Word and ultimately by My blood. My blood is most precious because it represents the gift I have given you of life – you could not have that without My blood.

Isaiah 41, opens with a challenge from Yahweh directed at the “Islands” or “The Coastlands”. These “Peoples”, are symbolic of the Nations of the world. It is almost like an accusation in a court case. He starts with two challenging questions in vv 2 and 4. Note the similarity to God’s challenge to Job in Job 38.2 ff. He also challenges them to present their case in v 21. Can you see what the challenge is? We may have felt like questioning God at times in our lives, but Have you ever felt He is questioning you?

The challenge is for them to understand the huge difference between Him and any other gods or idols they may be trusting in to act on their behalf. Can you see the case He is making? He has acted in history and will act in the future. He is the only one who can predict the future, in fact, because He controls it. cf vv 26 ff. The diviners of those days made a big thing of predicting future events and to some extent that is still happening today. cf vv 20 -29.

His most important act in history, after the creation, was to choose a people, in Abraham for Himself. V 8. Then, He proclaims that, as weak as Israel may seem, He is capable of giving them enough power to carry out His plan. cf vv 14-16.

Central to the message of this chapter (and the whole of Isaiah) is God Himself. cf vv 4b,13,16b, 17, 20b. He is this great God who acts in history for His people and there is no-one or anything that can compare to Him. The challenge to us is: “Do you really believe this?” I don’t mean in your mind only, or even your heart. Is it demonstrated in all the practical applications of your life?

He has the future in His hand, how comforting is that? Especially with the events unfolding in the Ukraine at the moment.

Lastly I was struck again by how He chooses the weak to demonstrate His strength cf v 14 ff. This so reminds us of Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:5,9b and 10. It is exactly when you are feeling weak and vulnerable that God can use you most to glorify Him, because then your ego does not get in the way and His power is demonstrated.

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  1. I have chosen you, not rejected you. Fear not , for I am with you , be not dismayed , for I am Your God . I will strengthen you. Surely I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isaiah 41 Morning by morning i let these words of truth and comfort fall deep into my innermost being. Like the cedars of Lebanon ,which the Lord planted ,i only live because of my Father’s love and sustaining life force. I hear my Father say, I have loved you with an everlasting love and i feel utterly safe in Him. Let us draw near to our Holy Lord. All power and glory be to.our Holy Lord forever and ever. Amen The grace of our Holy Lord be with us all.

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