Wisdom and Generosity.

Slept much later than usual and there is a sense of hazy lassitude hanging over me. “Speak to my heart Lord”…… that is my real desire as I seem to be floating, unanchored – open my heart-

“I am opening it. I want you to know the height, width, breadth, depth of My love – in your heart – it is a slow process – I am using lots of means to do it – to move it from your head to the depths of your heart, where it will flood you and overwhelm you – sometimes with painful surgery – but My presence and love will always surround you.

Remember again my invitation ‘come unto me (TRUST ME COMPLETELY) when you are heavy laden and I will give you REST.”

The next pillar of Wisdom is generosity. I have said for many years that the surest way to know when someone is truly converted is when their wallet is converted.

Prov 28:28. “He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses”.

But wait a bit, true generosity is not actually about giving financially. It is a whole attitude of your heart towards others, provoked and in response to God’s incredible, amazing generosity towards us.

There are a few vss in the sermon on the mount that deal with the attitude towards wealth Matt 6:19-23. In the Moffat translation vs 22 reads “if your eye is generous the whole of your body will be illumined”. So when we live with Jesus’ light in us, who is the font of all wisdom, then He generates the same generosity within us. Then we begin to see everyone and everything with the same generous eye.

I testify to the reality of the overwhelming generosity among my brothers and sisters here in Helderberg Village and elsewhere, who have poured out their generosity upon me. It speaks to me of so much more than their individual love, of which there is plenty, but of the overarching love of a generous Father who wants us to experience His generosity, amongst others through the ministry of His children. Be sure when you are showing generosity towards others then you are holding up the light of Jesus to that person and the world.

Thank you Father God for the greatest act of generosity when You gave Jesus to die on the cross for us. Romans 8:31(b): “If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all. How much more will He not give us also, along with Him all things”.

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