The Love Feast of True Communion.

“Communion, that is what I desire with you – Communion, which is the closest possible relationship – where My Spirit joins with your spirit, even closer than when you were at your closest, warm embrace with Emily. My communion with you is perfect – we are fused together. With Emily there was always some deep, hidden agenda, both with you and her. Now also remember, true communion is represented symbolically in the bread and wine – My body broken and My blood shed for you to make it possible.” That was God’s word to me yesterday.

Today the conversation continued: “So what is your motivation to have and continue your communion with Me? Do you seek some benefit from it – some sort of reward or kick-back? Will you still feel that close to Me if you did not have all I have given you here in your life in the Village? If things go horribly wrong in some way in your life? Don’t be afraid to focus on Me, remember the promise in Psalm 23, how I am preparing a table (feast) for you in the presence of your enemies – apart from my communion being like a love-feast with you, I want my relationship with you to be a shining example to Satan as part of my great victory. But this is just a shadow, looking forward to the great wedding feast of the Lamb. your place is prepared for you, you don’t have to earn it – I have already prepared that place – so enjoy My communion right now so that Satan can be jealous of that and we can defeat the doubts he is seeking to plant in your mind.

Another reminder from psalm 23 – there will be tribulation in this world as you go with Emily through the valley of the shadow of death – but I have promised to be with you right there all the time, that is part of My communion, I am there in he midst of all your trials and tribulations – giving you My continuous grace and practical help”

Now to our bible reading as we come to Luke ch 9. This is the pivotal chapter in Luke where Jesus’ identity is finally established and recognized, from now on the theme of the gospel will start to focus on the certainty and importance of His death, the true purpose for which He came. This pivotal chapter comes much earlier than the parallel chapters in Mark and Mathew, because in Luke it is followed by a number of juicy parables, which don’t occur in Matthew and Mark

My reading to day is Luke 9:10-17. Considering the brevity of many of his other reports, Luke gives considerable attention to the description of this miracle, which is mentioned in all the gospels. Coming just before Peter’s confession of who the disciples believe Jesus is, it seems that it is supposed to be the final exclamation mark as to His true identity. Why is it so decisive? Firstly it is the first miracle which focusses on a large number of people. Before this Jesus has dealt with individuals, healing and exorcising them and raising them from the dead. Then it is a miracle of creation as well as of multiplication. Two fish and five loaves distributed and multiplied to feed a crowd (5000 males alone) leaving 12 basketfuls of pieces behind. It is so easy to be used to this story to miss the incredibly, amazing message it brings. As Jesus looks up into heaven (vs 16) He is calling down none less than the powers of the Kingdom of God to invade our world, reminding us that His coming is not for a moral reformation but a spiritual revolution. The all-powerful kingdom of God is breaking into the world.

The symbolism includes a reminder of God’s provision of the manna in the desert to the people of Israel which was basic to the message of His total care for them in the most adverse conditions and a reminder to us that He will do the same for us, and then it looks forward to the great feast of the marriage supper of the Lamb at the close of history. As I read his passage I couldn’t help chuckling as I saw the link with the message He had given me earlier about the table in Psalm 23.

Of course there is another theme as He calls on the disciples to pass the food around, it is a prediction of the role they (and us) are to play in the future of the kingdom. They can take whatever small resources they have and Jesus will multiply that to bring the Kingdom purposes to bear. what an encouragement that is to each one of us. All we need to do is bring our resources, no matter how meager, to Him in our service of Him and He will multiply them to fit whatever the need is!

And look how Luke has bracketed this story: 9: 9b “…who is this I hear such things about?” and “….who do you say I am?” vs 20, just to emphasize the message between them it should bring and calling on us to answer the question for ourselves.

So I end once again with this all important question, at this moment in the middle of this virus pandemic: “Who do you say Jesus is?” Pause, think deeply then honestly deep inside your heart answer that question. I am not suggesting that you do not believe, I am suggesting that your view of Jesus determines your whole experience of Him and the faith you put in Him. You find it will determine how you will feel and what you will experience in your heart in the face of such and any other huge challenge you may be facing or will face in the future. And it will colour how much you enjoy Him even today

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  1. The Lord is the one from whose fullness of love I am being filled every moment of my life. Paul prays that we would e x p e r I e n c e Christ’s fullness not to know about it but to be filled with it. The prayer in Ephesians 3 14 19 is therefore the prayer from the deepest center of my heart for us. That we may be filled with all the fullness of God and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge. Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken. The prophet Isaiah is giving us a picture of dire circumstances . In this unpredictable time of Covid 19 threat we need to convince ourselves that Christ’s love is unshakable. He is with us and He is sovereign over all our circumstances. All power and glory be to the Lord forever and ever.

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