The Lord takes me on a visual journey – past and through the cross – with Jesus hanging there, His work finished – up, up with the resurrection – up into the picture of Heaven in Revelation 4. The magnificent throne, the King of Kings, indescribable beauty, the closest John can come is using the picture of myriads of precious gems – and then the Lamb – slain- for us. An uncountable multitude worshiping and singing surrounding the throne. “It is THE wedding”, He is telling me. I am betrothed now, but the actual wedding is far, far greater and more magnificent, than I can ever imagine – yet there are glimpses of that every day in my life now – I must see them for what they are, as I stumble through the wilderness of this life – and I must experience the joy that goes with knowing Him. Yes and He is also telling me to lighten up and not take everything in life so seriously. He is filled with joy and wants me to rejoice with and in Him.

Coming near to the end of Ecclesistes 8:17 – 11:5, I am struck by the fact that this section is bracketed by these two vss. 8:17 I saw all that God has done. no one can comprehend what goes on under the sun.. 9:1 So I reflected on all this and concluded …. what all the righteous and and wise do are in God’s hands, but no man knows…. 11:5 As you don’t know the path of the wind or how the body is formed in the womb – so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.

So I meditate on this. It so fits our experience of life. So much is inexplicable. We search for easy answers for the randomness we see around us. Good people suffering yet others prospering. Evil people apparently untouchable, enjoying their wealth, yet others in misery. The ultimate – death coming to all at a time and a place we can never anticipate. But here we read that behind this is a loving God in control. We are told to go out and make the best of all His gifts 9:7-10. Do whatever your hand finds to do with all your might.

So what is Jesus saying to me? “It is delightfully freeing to know God is enigmatic. He has revealed what we need to know about Him – that is extremely rewarding and exciting, but just as exciting is the realization there is so much more to Him and knowing Him than I can put into a box. So I must earn to see and enjoy everything as part of being betrothed to Him and in the light of it being His gift. Continue to work diligently at whatever task(s) He gives me, knowing that, if I focus on the things happening in this world, I could easily become discouraged at the random equality of it all. No, it is not random, behind it all (above the sun) is a loving, mysterious, God controlling all things.

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