Hannah’s Song.

“Being known and loved by Him.”

“The deepest form of intimacy is to be known and loved by somebody. That is what I am doing with you – it is not about knowing about Me it is getting to know Me personally on a daily basis. Equally I know everything about you because I created you to be like you are – but I created you with a purpose – That you should seek Me and in that moment I will be found of you. I will open up to you in a way you could never have experienced if I did not invite you into my daily presence. So Ian, let us continue to build this intimacy as I make myself known to you and you have the opportunity to respond by faith. Believing trusting and loving Me. It goes against your nature so you need daily to use the bridge Jesus built on the cross. So come, let us walk together into the day to face whatever meets us.

We come now to Hannah’s song in ch 2 of 1 Samuel. As we read it we can see echoes of Mary’s song in Luke 1. Both act as a sort of prologue to what God is going to be doing in the future. Both authors are barren when they were touched by God. Their offspring were therefore a supernatural product who would be important as history unfolded.

Hannah reminds us that this part of history which is going to be unfolding is all about God. It is His story even though we said last time that there are three main figures which appear in this book. Can you remember who they are? There is Samuel the last judge, but also a prophet of the Lord Almighty. Then there is Saul the people’s choice of a king which would the Israelites believed made them to be like the people around them, with an imposing king to rule them. Then there is God’s choice of a king. David who would be the youngest, not imposing in stature, someone whom God could use to demonstrate that it was still He that was ruling.

So Hannah starts by praising God, by mentioning His power and His victory and deliverance over her enemies. I take it her enemies were the enemies of the people as well, although there is the other wife who was mistreating her. She places God on a rock pedistal, to remind of His steadfastness and remembers His Holiness. His complete otherness.

Even as she speaks she is reminded of her finiteness and filled with care that her words should be few and there be no arrogance. She understands that God knows everything about us intimately and weighs all actions. This is a true picture of humility and we are reminded of the importance of this trait. Remember 1 Peter 5:6; “Humble yourselves under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

The next vv stand as a prediction of one of the main themes of this book. God is interested in those who recognize their need. Those who feel they have everything and don’t perceive any need actually continue to seek more. They never have enough. This is a hugely important fact in our interaction with the Lord. So much of our growth as Christians is aimed at us realizing our need. Remember Paul in 2 Corinthians: When I am weak then I am strong”. So we hear Hannah “It is not by strength that one prevails”. The whole focus is on God and His omnipotence and control of the destiny of the world.

Finally there is a surprising turn. When we read it we don’t see the the massive implications which arise from the statement in the last vs., because we are not in the context of that period. Remember up to that time there had been no King, because God was Israel’s king. Now Hannah sees a king in the future and even further down the line the king is not just a king but the anointed king. Remember that the word Christ means “Anointed one”. Yes all the kings of Israel were “anointed” when they were formally appointed. But the very fact that she mentions the anointing shows a far deeper prediction.

There is more in this song so why don’t you go through it prayerfully, asking the Lord to apply it to your heart.

This then acts as a sort of prologue for the book, as I have said and we will now proceed to unravel the actual happenings of that important transitional period.

There was much food for thought for me as I went through this passage. Important was a reminder again of how God seeks to keep us weak and dependent on Him. Of course there is also a vivid reminder of the attributes of God, His omnipotence, holiness, victory over His enemies, His provision etc. In the background one can’t help mentioning the repeated reference to enemies. This life is an acute reminder that we are part of a cosmic battle. Thank the Lord Jesus won the victory on the cross. However we are still part of what remains.

May the Lord bless you this coming week.

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  1. How I love both songs to the praise and glory of our Holy Lord, the song of Miriam and Hannah! Both women were supernaturally impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Both women understood that their true eternal love relationship is with the Lord alone. He alone is their true treasure. The Holy Spirit is the imperishable seed for our roots in Christ. Through the Holy Spirit our eyes are opened to the unfathomable beauty and truth of Christ. In the Holy Spirit we live and grow to our eternal glory in Christ. The Holy Spirit our only hope ! And this hope will not disappoint us because the love of Christ has been poured unto our hearts by the Holy Spirit ,who has been given to us. All glory , power and dominion be to our Holy Lord’s forever and ever! AMEN 🙏

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