God’s Majesty meets our Humanity.

“No matter how vast and glorious My creation is – so complex and in 99 % of cases incomprehensible to you – you need to be reminded that in that relationship – you are the principle – you are the reason I have created – I have created you in My image so that I can have a relationship with you – yes you are not like the angels – they do not have a free will – they are messengers who act on instructions. The greatest mystery to you is the one of free will – you have the ability to do and to think what you like – however, even in that I am operating – on the one hand showing you the Inferno, that you should flee from it and on the other hand – opening My arms in love to welcome you into the safe haven – but you have a choice – all your life that choice continues – but it is also continuously tempered by My grace and My love as I mould you into becoming the perfect partner to fulfil the relationship I have been planning since the beginning of time – in a mystical way which you cannot fully understand – nothing is by chance – yet you are completely free – Once you have made the decision, I welcome you into My arms and wrap them around you. But remember you are part of a community – so My Bride will be huge and be community – you will not and should not feel and act alone.”

So I have been meditating on Psalm 8 since yesterday. You may have picked up some of the thoughts from that psalm in my meditation with our Father. On reflection it became more and more obvious that this Psalm acts as a sort of middle point to the whole story of the bible. The story of God and man.

This is why I say that: The backdrop to the whole psalm is God’s majesty (v1 and 9 which bracket the whole psalm) which is reflected and shown to us through His creation (v 3 ff). This is surely also the backdrop of the whole bible. The story of the bible revolves around God and His majesty. One of the ways He has chosen to reveal himself is in and through His creative genius. The pinnacle of His creation is surely then Man (v 4). Created in His own image. Man has a unique role – to rule over the creation, responsibly (v 6 – 10).

Two things not so obvious, are David’s reference to God as Jehovah Adonai in v 1 and 10. that name is of course unique, as it is God’s name for His covenantal people to use and denotes His special relationship with them. The other thing is that right in the middle is the reference to man’s creation as being a little lower than the angels. The New Testament writers, in a number of instances have interpreted this reference to a “Special Man” to refer to the Messiah who will be man’s ultimate representative.( eg cf Hebrews 2:5-9.) His death on our behalf has entitled us to be crowned with glory and honour (Heb 2:9).

I found v 2 rather intriguing. It reminds us of the infernal war that is going on between God and the His “adversaries, foes and avengers” in the world. The solution is interesting It is the praises, here defined as coming from children and infants, that will drown, will silence these enemies. Now I take this description as symbolizing the weakness and vulnerability of those who sing these praises. Why? Because these are the one’s who recognize their dependence on God. cf Matthew 5:3 “Blessed are those who are poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Our praise and enjoyment of God will be so great that it drowns the acrimonious declarations of hatred and vengeance of God’s foes.

For me today, as I have been meditating on it since yesterday this is such a beautiful picture of what is going on in the world as we know it that it continually fills me with continual wonder and awe. May I devote my life to be a singer of praises to Jehovah Adonai and his Son the Messiah, Jesus.

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  1. May i join you with all my heart of bring a singer of praises to our Holy Lord and our Lord Jesus Christ, Ian ! If i didn’t have a personal relationship with our Holy Lord and Father my life would be completely different, i wouldn’t have survived the attack on me. Now my heart’s desire is to tell people that true love and hope is only found in Christ alone. He is the one who true loves us and cares for us. He will never leave or forsake us. We cannot heal on our own, we need Christ with every breath we take. When we give our heart to Christ, His Holy Spirit lives within us and fills us with His healing power. We are safe. The Lord is the writer of my life story. I trust Him completely. All power and glory be to our Holy Lord forever and ever ! Amen

  2. So He will arise and tend His flock with the strength of ADONAI in the majesty of the Name of ADONAI His God . And they will.live securely for then He will be great to the end of the earth .And He shall.be their peace. Micah 5 3 4

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