Give the Lord no rest from your Prayers.

Love – the greatest command, the command that supersedes and determines all others. Firstly love for My Father and I – then for your neighbour as yourself. This is something that is only made possible by My grace after you have been re-generated. It is firstly an action determined by a decision, then a feeling which accompanies it. It is made supernaturally possible through the avenue I open to make that the central aim of your life. However there is a sense in which you must cooperate with My work in you.. You must decide to love while I make it your life‘s purpose through my Spirit and My Grace. This is a continual growth and interaction. While I lead you through life and situations where you have to practice it. All the time I am pouring out my love into you. See it in My word, feel it through My Spirit, feel it in prayer and in the music and feel it through the actions and interactions of my other children with you. Go and practice my love today.

In the words promising the restoration of Zion in Isaiah 62, the picture is once again painted of marriage. While God has desired a relationship from the beginning which is as close and loving as a true marriage, His people have committed adultery by loving other god’s and idols more than Him. Yet here again He promises the prospect of a marriage (62:3-5), where He can delight in His bride and rejoice over her. As time passed we know that Zion never lived up to this hope of His. Yet in His mercy He gave them plenty of time to do it.

We also know that His ultimate answer to this disloyalty of His people was to send His Son, who would make the way possible through His redemption and the power of His Spirit for His love to be released and realized. So overriding everything in our lives is the preparation to be part of the heavenly bride one day.

Now in ch 62 an interesting addition to the message. Immediately after the invitation to be part of His bride comes a message of the importance of prayer. cf 62:6,7. The word watchmen is taken to mean prophets or maybe prayer warriors. Those who will pray all day. And notice the interesting instruction to these prayers in vs 7. Do not give Him (Yahweh) rest. Does that not remind you of the importunant widow?

Reveling in the concept of being part of God’s eternal bride, I am struck again by the importance of the part I must play in its establishment. As small and insignificant as I am in the bigger scheme of things, every one who is chosen has a specific, irreplaceable role to play. I have been reminded today again of the importance of love. Love for the Father and for my neighbour. However there is something more. Something that I know I fall far short of. That is in praying as a watchman. Praying continuously, Never giving God any rest. How are you, dear readers doing in these areas?

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  1. Then they will call.them The Holy.People, The Redeemed of ADONAI and you will be called Soughr Out! Isaiah 62 12 Unfathomable words of Grace ! ONLY our Holy Lord can seek us out ! This is unconditional love, which the world cannot give. We were desperately lost , without hope until Grace through the gospel Sought us Out. Glory be to this infinite Love! We are saved and secure forever , we are written on the palms of His Holy hands!

  2. We belong to Jesus, we are His sheep of his pasture. He gives us rest. He said his yoke is soft and his load is light. We walk and pray, and many nights I pray when I cannot fall asleep, or wake up after a few hours and pray and meditate on the promises in the Word. He is worthy of our intense love and honour the Father’s name.

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