From the Stump, the Messiah.

Quietly I wait on the Lord. In my mind I am like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to Him and enjoying His presence.

“Yes Ian, I am present here with you – the Creator of the whole universe, the Ruler of the kingdoms of the world, robed in magnificent majesty, yet quietly present here with you in My Spirit. I bring with Me the full warmth of My love to surround you and embrace you – yet at the same time I hold the rod of correction to direct you away from your selfish desires and plans. I shine into this room with the full force of the sun to fill your life with My presence and My joy – enjoy Me, appreciate Me – that is what glorifies Me most.”

We come today to the last two chapters of the “book of Immanuel” Isaiah, Chapters 11 & 12.

Chapter 11 starts with the prophecy in vv1-5, which link the theme of a “remnant, which we have seen developing”, with a specific figure. Here there can be no mistaking this figure. It is the expected Messiah. We see in these verses all the characteristics of Yahweh brought upon a “man”, through the Spirit of the Lord. This links with the other prophecies about Immanuel, “God with Us”, in this section.

In 11:6-9 we see a representation of the prophetic climax behind Yahweh’s intent, which we will only experience after the final “day”, when the whole earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. 11:9.

The rest of the section should be seen in three time frames. Firstly, describing a gathering of the Jewish people from where they have been exiled and bringing them back as a sort of second Exodus to The Promised Land. This foresees another gathering or Exodus which is heralded in Chapter 12. When the ministry extends to the whole world, including all the nations, 12:4 c. This too has several time frames. In one sense it started when Messiah arrived in the world , as the “Son” and the “Root”. However it was not completed then, it is still ongoing and will only be complete when “That day” finally arrives”.

Chapter 12 gives a beautiful description of the most important aspects of the salvation which Messiah would bring, to take us to our final destination. See if you can spot them.

  1. We will all praise God for what He has done. That is, He will be recognized for who He is. Isa 12:1,3,5,6. Remember, not recognizing God for who He is, was the underlying sin of the people,
  2. His anger will be turned away. Propitiation, as I described last time, by Jesus.12:1b
  3. His main action is and will be to save us. Notice, it is God who saves us. He is the sole agent. cf vv 2,3.
  4. Our part is to simply trust in Him and in this promised work of salvation. v 2. We demonstrate this trust by our genuine experience and expression of Joy. vv 3,4,5.
  5. Finally this is such a magnificent gift from Yahweh, that our reaction should be to go out and tell all the nations.

I meditate on that. This God, Creator of the universe, Saviour of my soul, present here in this very room with me, through Immanuel’s Spirit. Wanting to have fellowship with me and flowing from that to be an agent, telling all the “nations of the glorious things Yahweh has done.”

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  1. The central aim of the Gospel.of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is , that that nations might know the Lord Jesus Christ as their all glorious King of kings and love , worship, honor and follow Him This is the will of our Holy Lord ” that His Name might be proclaimed in all the earth. * Romans 9 17 This is the command in Isaiah 12 4 ” Make known His deeds among the peoples, proclaim that His Name is exalted ! ” It is high time !! We are very blessed to live in the last days. Let us drink deeply on what Christ has achieved for us. The not yet is real , glorious and wonderful beyond description! Most Holy Lord my heart is filled in You alone with true hope, because You are faithful. All power and glory be to our Holy Lord forever and ever! Amen

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