Acts in Retrospect.

Glory – glory – “What is your glory Lord?”

I see a light – a huge light, growing stronger and stronger – from it speaks His voice -” My glory represents all the goodness there is – it reflects My majesty and every part of of My power – it reflects My beauty – it fills the universe – every part is infused with My glory and ultimately when your earthly body is shed – you will participate in My glory – in the meantime your role is to reflect My glory to the world. On the outside it appears as if the whole world is in a mess and going to pieces uncontrollably, but in reality I am busy renewing it from inside – each saint who carries My glory is like a particle of yeast who together, are causing the dough to rise and transforming the world invisibly from within – so don’t despair – keep reflecting My glory with rejoicing”

As the winter ended on Aug 31,(officially, according to the calendar) I completed reading Acts. So I thought I would reflect back on what the main message, that I feel Jesus has been saying to me from it is. If you have also read through it, maybe you would like to reflect as well on what you have heard Him say to yourself and how that may have affected your life.

Firstly I was aware of God’s greater plan unfolding as He leads the next step in the spread of the events which were to be a tilting point of history that began in Luke, ultimately intended to transform humanity and to demonstrate His new kingdom, as He is now continuing to prepare a people to be His subjects.

Crucial to the spread of the life-changing gospel message is the role of the Holy Spirit, both leading, giving the right words at the right time and also giving the power to persevere in the face of huge opposition.

Then there is the picture, as the spread of the gospel gathers momentum, of a greater and greater number of people, not only affected by the message, but becoming active in the process of the spread. Looking back we can see the embryo of a kingdom which counts its subjects in billions today and of which I am only a small but vital part.

Integral to this is the backdrop of opposition and suffering which suffuses the story. No doubt we should reflect on the reality of the spiritual battle which was and still is going on, attempting to prevent the spread at all costs. Yet, as we have spoken several times of the fact that God, although He certainly modified it,(like the story of Paul’s shipwreck shows) still allowed much difficulty and even this contributed to the spread and growth of the fledgling church.

As I read this story I was again captivated at what must be the beginning of the greatest success story of history. Filled with wonder that the Lord has chosen me to be a small part of this exciting adventure, and reinvigorated to be available to be used to contribute in whatever way He wants me to be. Nothing will be too small and insignificant for me to do if He calls me to do it. And nothing will be too large to accomplish through the power of His Spirit.

Starting on the first day of Spring I have started reading the Psalms from Psalm 1 again. I think I will read more or less a Psalm a day till the end of September and decide then what I will do after that. I invite you to join me as I discuss relevant issues that arise.

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  1. Acts show how the church started to grow, and Paul explained that the church consist of the believers each having a part of the likeness of a body which has different parts, each part essential in the growth of the church. It is for each one to examine the Spirit,s prompting in our own life. And be true to the promting.

    and be true to

  2. Acts 3 22 – 26 are most important for me as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. This passage confirms in my heart without any doubt that Christ truly came to bless us. Our Holy Lord’s blessing is mentioned twice in verse 25 and 26. “And in your offspring shall all the families of the earth be blessed . God having raised up His servant, sent Him to you first, to bless you, by turning everyone of you from your wickedness “.This passage also proves that our Holy Lord can be trusted. Peter says in verse 22, that Moses predicted the coming of a prophet like himself. In verse 24 Peter says, that all the prophets from Samuel on down proclaimed these days, the days of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We can be reassured of the absolute truthfulness of our Holy Creator.Our Holy Lord’s truthfulness is the absolute constant in this fallen world of Flux It is is the foundation of all beauty and truth and goodness. Rejoice! Rejoice!

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