God cannot be contained in a Box.

“Be still and know – that I am God – be still and consider My creation – consider the lilies of the Field they don’t labour or spin yet are clothed in more beauty than a king. Consider the sparrows – they don’t sow all plant – but I provide for them all they need. I am the One who hangs out the stars at night and tells the Sun went to shine – I kiss the flowers every morning with dew, yet I am never too busy to care about you – yes I never slumber nor sleep. I am there all the time caring for you that you will not stumble or fall. Consider all these things and many more which speak of Me and know I am not only your Creator but I am also your Father and your Lover and Friend – and yes, I really care about you and everyone else who reads this blog.“

On now to 1 Samuel chapter 5. Looking back over God’s story so far in His bible we have seen various ways that God represented Himself. Each one had a significance. Think of the burning bush and Moses. Then some time later the picture in Exodus 19 where God was going to speak to His people from a mountain. Thunder and lightning, plus a warning that no-one should come near as He demonstrated His holiness and power. Then later, hiding Moses in a cleft in a rock so that he would not die as God passed by.

The end of Exodus shows God’s careful preparation of the “Tabernacle”, every part of which was significant in representing God and how He should be approached and worshipped by His people. The most significant part of the tabernacle was the “Holy Of Holies” where the golden box, containing the testimony was placed. The high priest could only go in there once a year, it was so holy and then they tied a rope around his leg so that if he should die because of God’s presence they could drag him out without going in there themselves.

Of course this was really symbolic to teach the people to be in awe of Yahweh, because God could never be contained in a box.

In Chapter 5 of 1 Samuel we see the Philistines delighted that they had captured Israel’s God. Little did they know or understand. What starts as delight soon turns to horror as their favourite deity Dagon falls on his face the first night they are together. Even worse the next day he is found broken. Interestingly He has lost his head. Dagon was then one of three major figures in 1 Samuel to be destroyed. The other two were Goliath and Saul.

Even worse the people of the area are affected by an outbreak of a disease which featured tumours (probably Bubonic plague). This supposed huge magic asset had now become a major liability and the Philistines did not know what to do with it. The writer repeats, “God’s hand was heavy on them“. Next time we will see how the Philistines desperatelytried to get rid of the Ark.

So what lessons have you picked up from this most insightful passage?

Here are some I felt Jesus was saying to me: 1.Our God can appear in any form or shape He wants and at any time. From a still small voice to mighty thunder and lightning.

2. He cannot be packaged or manipulated in a sort of magic way, like a rabbit’s foot. He meets with us (through Jesus and His Spirit) on His terms, but at the same time He is ever so close and responds to our seeking Him, since He wants a relationship with us.

3. The pagan people often believed that their God’s were high up in the mountains or on the clouds. Hence Psalm 121; “I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? (no, no not from there) My help comes from the Lord the Maker of Heaven and earth“. A God who is not restricted to time and place.

4. As much as God was angry with His people because of their neglect and symbolically left them. He was not going to allow the Phlistines to mock Him or use Him. his judgement was heavy on them. We can never play the fool with God. He might be testing others but soon may test us as well.

I am so glad I worship a God who cannot be manipulated or used. Share any other words you may have picked up from this passage with us. Bless you all this coming week.

2 Replies to “God cannot be contained in a Box.”

  1. This passage is a serious warning for us, living in the end times . We are all sinners, without exception and therefore under our Holy Lord’s wrath. Most people are living in constant fear because of situations in this fallen world, but how many people are truly in fear of the wrath of our Holy Lord? We have every reason to fear the wrath of our Holy creator. In the end times,.people are worshipping idols , the beast. Their hearts and minds are blinded by the god of this world. They do not see the unimaginable beauty and glory of Christ . ONLY through faith in Christ are we justified! He is our only hope to escape the wrath of our Holy Lord. My prayer is , that the light if the gospel of Christ may shine in.the hearts of the readers if this blog. ” For God , who said let light shine out if darkness, is the Onewho has shone in our hearts , to give the light of the knowledge of the Glory of God in the Face of Christ: 2 Corinthians 4. 6. All glory, power and dominion be to our Holy Lord forever and ever 🙏 AMEN

  2. Our Holy.Lord hates sin. We have to take His wrath very seriously! I have decided to write these verses in this blog, because they are one of the most important verses in the Bible for me as a believer in my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. ” But now God’s righteousness apart from the Torah (the law) hassle been revealed, to which the Torah and the prophets bear witness, namely the righteousness of God through putting trust in Messiah Jesus Christ, to all to keep.on trusting. For there is no distinction, for all.have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. They are set righteous as a gift of His Grace, through the redemption that is in Messiah Jesus Christ. God set forth Jesus Christ as an atonement, through faith in His blood , to show His righteousness in passing over sins already committed. Through God’s forbearance, He demonstrated His righteousness ar the present time, that He Himself is just and also the justifier of the one who puts his trust in Jesus Christ ” Roman’s 4. 21. 26

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